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Cosmetic Surgery in West Palm Beach

We list the following career choices:

  • Nursing staff
  • Hospital administration staff.
  • Admissions staff.
  • Environmental services staff.
  • Allied health staff.
  • Physician staff.
  • …just to name a few!

Job Seekers:
Looking for the perfect healthcare job? You’ve come to the right

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Job Seekers:
Looking for the perfect healthcare job? You’ve come to the right place. Start your search by clicking here.
Please take the time to add your resume to our online Resume Center.  We have made it very quick and easy – the way the Internet is meant to be. 

Human Resource Recruiters:
Welcome to our site. With just a click of your mouse you’ve got a worldwide resource right at your fingertips – and at the most competitive prices around! 
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About Us:
Hospital Classifieds is dedicated to helping employers and potential employees make a perfect match! We hope that you will find this service a useful tool in your search for the perfect healthcare career.  Unlike West Palm Beach newspaper classifieds, Hospital Classifieds has the benefit of being globally accessible and interactive 24/7: job seekers have the ability to view current job listings and email their resume’ or contact the employer for more information. If the employer has a web site available, this can be viewed by the job seeker.  What makes Hospital Classifieds unique? We specialize only in employment for hospital and healthcare positions. 

About Resume Center:
The resume center is designed to assist the health care professional in creating an online resume.

Your online resume will be shared with all of our member recruiters. We will also offer you a location to point any other recruiters to your resume. This makes it simple for you to manage your resume from a single point on the web.

The recruiters can view your resume online or download the file in PDF format. (this requires you to access the conversion service).

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Tips for writing a winning resume:
Be clear and to the point. Show your achievements, accomplishments, and goals in direct statements. (for example: Managed 30 bed critical care nursing unit with a staff of 20 nurses. or reduced operating cost by 10% while increasing floor census by 25%)

Use your resume to highlight your education, experience, and achievements. Get the recruiters attention with short easy to read statements. Studies have shown that in most cases, you have 20 to 30 seconds to get the recruiter’s interest.
Save the in-depth details of your experience for the interview.
And last but not least, check your spelling and grammar. Nothing will disqualify you faster than to have a resume full of errors.

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